1 Introduction

www.perlashop.gr is the “Website” and the “Online Store” of exhibition and distribution of products via the Internet, which belongs to the Greek company under the name “FOTEINOPOYLOS GEORGIOS” which has headquarters in ATHENS on KNOSSOY 9, Post Code: 12134, in Greece with VAT: 055966504 These General Terms of Use of the website and market of the products of our online store determine the terms and conditions of your browsing on our website and govern the sales contract concluded between us for the purchase of products from our online store. Before entering our online store we invite you to consult the ‘Terms of Use and Transactions and make sure that you agree with them. In case of disagreement with any of these Terms of Use, you must not take any action both on the website and in our online store, including your simple browsing of it. However, any action you take in our online store, such as your browsing it, your subscription to our Company newsletter, or the purchase of our products, is considered an unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Use and Transactions. Our company undertakes the obligation to inform the users for any modifications as well as for any change through the website of its online store. We reserve the right to renew the existing terms and conditions of transactions made through our online store, according to our needs. The change of terms does not occupy orders that are already in progress.

2. Intellectual Property

Copyright and Trademark All website design, text, graphics, selection and settings are the property of Company FOTEINOPOYLOS GEORGIOS and are Copyright.

3. Security

Our online store has the main priority of protecting your personal data as well as keeping your online transactions secure. Takes all necessary measures, with the most modern and advanced methods, to ensure maximum safety. All information related to your personal information and your transactions is secure and confidential.

4. Miscellaneous

In cases where you have placed an online order and upon receipt you find that some (or some) product is missing from the total order, please contact us to arrange all the required details and we will send you the products you did not receive without any extra charge.
If a garment is defective, return it to us with its card and replace it (if there is stock).
All returns will be accepted as long as they have the tab on them.
In case of change, there is no refund but replacement with another product.

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